Clark Harris Womens Jersey  7. SONG OF THE LAMB


Have you ever gave your all to achieve something how overwhelming when you see the results? This line is profoundly excellent! May the Lamb receive the reward of his sufferings.
One of my favorite worship songs! So, so powerful! Wish there were more songs like this!
thanks for sharing!!!
This song is my new favorite for the time being, I absolutely loved it! My heart melts while listening to this song!
I love how the song of the Lamb gives reference to Deu 32.
This Song is awesome!!!😁 Praise God!!!
This song is beautiful and speaks about the great sacrifice, He made for us on the cross.Yes may He receive the reward of His suffering, us. May our lives please Him as we surrender our lives to Him. We love you Jesus.
Beautiful song!
Found this song on Spotify. Wonderful and beautiful song! Thanks for the upload
Psalm 49:4 my verse today, I will solve life's riddle with the help of a harp

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