#51 Kubota B2601 Compact Tractor FDR1660 Finish Mower or Bush Hog?

#51 Kubota B2601 Compact Tractor FDR1660 Finish Mower or Bush Hog?

Any thought to using the flail mower on this piece of property?
Do you feel that the tractor could handle a 72inch mower? Doesn't sound like the motor is having an issue at all with the tall grass.
you won wood stack 2018
looks like you could have mowed at 4 inches an i would have cut smooth . i would put mower at 4'' when doing overgrown lots . cut smooth
Good video. Thanks GP!
Should let it revert to conifers....... The province will probably pay for part of the cost.....even if it's "Christmas trees"!!! No worries & much less (and less....) MOWING of any sort. No fuel, no wasted time, wildlife, no pollen.....!!!
Nice job, nice rig
I like to have a transmission version not HST
How wide is that?
Am looking into getting a tractor but my thoughts are the brush hog is more verstal then a finish mower what do you think?
I have to decided to buy that size but my area has different tires.. there skinny...looks bad...
Love the tires what's the name on them? The farm ones?
Looks like you had no horsepower issues at all with that tall of grass. Another great video, thanks!
What I noticed is I tend to mow counterclockwise when using my FDR1660 I suspect due to years of using a belly mower with right discharge but when using the RCR1260 rotary mower I was going clockwise. I figure it was due to years of haying where the haying equipment was to the right. I'm starting to discover with these rear discharge mowers it doesn't matter which direction you go they still do a great job. Really happy I went with the rear mount instead of the belly mount on My B2601
Great mower I have a 72 inch one. Works prefect
The mower did a good job, and didn't leave clumps and windrows like a side discharge would. That will make it look great the next time it's mowed.
It did a nice job handling the tall grass.
I could really notice the uneven ground but with the 3 point valve open all the way I could see how it followed the contour very nicely. Dave Knows How did an awesome vid on that feature not too long ago. I had never really thought about it in that type of application before.
Keep on tractoring! God bless.
Taming the wilds.
Very European of you 👍👍👍
Love it.

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