Can't you just replace most of the millions of hoppers with droppers in the potion farm?
Just waiting here for an real xp farm. *sees brewing stand farm*
-notch has left the chat.
thanks for the skeleton and enderman farm
0:44 F3 + N
Why not iron farm?????????
Poor endr ratts
Can you make the fish farm on the ps3
Why didn't you give us short tutorials and do's and don'ts?
WHAT if ALL of the COMMENTS were as awful as the TITLES?
Automatic creeper farm with cats and carpet.
1:29 how do you attack like that???
Can i do that in pocket edition minecraft 1.7? Beta
Screw you auto potion system.. Damn
Only dungeon i found in my world is a zombie farm. Fml...but Ima be set if mojang decides to make rotten flesh important
But endermen tp away when they touch water?
The way I like to make xp farms is in creative get spawn eggs with mob spawners then go into survival also you can use a water stream with hoppers under so you can kill the ender men cause they hate bathtime
its hard to make but you can make an automatic zombie/creeper/skeleton head farm
The insta-kill is thanks to the sweep hit for the sword added in 1.9
Zombie xp put a villager
In a glass tube and dig like the
1st one
for the enderman farm, put carpets on top of the hoppers so that the xp don't get stuck in it
does the fishing farm work in bedrock edition?

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