Clark Harris Womens Jersey  'From the Ground Up – Regenerative Agriculture'

'From the Ground Up – Regenerative Agriculture'

fricking hippies, we're all going to starve!
Pasturing animals means take half AND LEAVE HALF.
I remember reading this book at the time I was working at the bottlo and I asked a farmer who came through. (Aribusiness town/port) Didn’t believe that hippie stuff but rather thought the current practice feeds us all more efficiently and effectively ie poison

I understood his point what’s the point if you have no water and no soil
With the recent catastrophic wildfires in Australia in 2020 this is the way forward. Australia is warming faster than the global average and such techniques as regenerative grazing will ensure these farms survive. In Ethiopia, for example, farmers are now voluntarily keeping their livestock off grassland for a certain time period to allow vegatative regrowth. Water harvesting techniques are also going to be crucial moving forward. Slowing down rainwater runoff to replenish the groundwater table is key. For a comprehensive overview of rainwater harvesting techniques, visit
fantastic! the splited picture really showed a difference. I mean lots of the regenerative acriculture fields still looked kinda plain. is this normal for australia? not lots of trees or bushes and little rivers?
Keen to know how this area is coping with the recent bushfires. I know the snowy mountains got hit pretty hard.
Plant as though you're life depends on it because it does!
Wow just wow. Absolutely unbelievable!
It's called stock rotation and a real farmer knows without saying. Stop hiring idiots.
You said it(industrial farmers)!!!!!!!.
Livestock farming simply is not sustainable. Reducing the carbon footprint is not enough. We need veganic permaculture along with massive carbon sequestration.
Driving past farmlands in Australia I've often thought why cut down ALL the trees, pile them up and then burn them. It's a crazy and destructive practice. Everywhere there used to be many trees there are absolutely none. On the hottest days cattle have nowhere to shelter and if there is one tree you'll see all the cattle there trying to find shade. It always amazed me that people could be so stupid as not to realize that trees are the lungs of the planet.
Smart farmers like these guys are the real environmentalists! Well done gentlemen!! I'm going to adopt the same practises on my hobby farm one day, when I finally escape the rat race. This is an invaluable learning experience. Thank you sooo much!!!
They act like this is some new science innovation and even gave it a fancy new name, but letting pasture go fallow and rotating cattle has been a thing since the beginning of pastoralism; just that many herders in the west nowadays graze their land to death. It’s especially painful to see in places like Brazil, where the Amazon is being cleared to make ephemeral pastureland that quickly degrades due to thin soils and brutal use of the land. They could really use these methods there.
Yes, Take care of the land, and the land will take care of you!
What bloody legends!
"Holistic gracing" and I am off...
Sorry, maybe this is not that bat shit, though it does kinda sound like it heading there, but the second someone says "holistic" anything, it's just an immediate red flag with all the sudo-science going around using that word.
Thank you for sharing this video!
I get really excited when watching programmes such as this, knowing we have people really passionate people showing how we can make our land better,thank you.
Has there been any updates on how these farmers are doing with all the fires?
Sadly, the Southeast part of NSW is probably burnt to a crisp as of January 2020.
Great share....thumbs up :)

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