3 Observer Block Farms in Minecraft

3 Observer Block Farms in Minecraft

Great video. But I can't get the tree farm to work on console. Whenever I place redstone on the Observer block (11:11) it goes on in a line, instead of a spot. Not sure what's going on but its keeping the pistons from firing properly.
1)Can you use the running water to collect the pumpkins/melons like you did with the sugar cane?
2) Would placing torches nearby allow it to grow at night? or does that make any difference?
So I managed to get the tree thing going by finding a workaround for the piston problem, but that top block didn’t stop the tree from growing 20 blocks high and broke one of my pistons!
6 words a second why talk so fucking fast
this is so expensive XD
Seems like an awfully lot of resources for a few lousy melons.
this design no longer works right and needs tweaking on the pistion activation
Does it work on mcpe
it did not work so I put a piston on the side of the piston to update it I will do a tutorial on that add on
The tree farms actually can be used as a wall for your village or anything 🤪
get a real mic
do you have to be near the farm for it to work
I made a Cobblestone farm it was pretty much the same with the tree farm
The repeater didn’t work I know a different one
Can you make farms like this with observer blocks but not pistons?

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