3 Observer Block Farms in Minecraft

3 Observer Block Farms in Minecraft

when I place redstone on my observer block it makes a line not a dot of redstone. How do i fix this?
2:30 Sugar Cane Farm. Edit: Melon/Pumpkin Farm 5:00. Edit 2: 10:30 Tree Farm
This does not work in 1.7 I tried for at least 30 min re building... and still never worked
Did what you did on the tree farm and only 2 of the pistons fire. I cant get it to work
tree farm at 10:30
Awsome very nice
So I’ve followed this guide to the letter. However, only half of my pistons work?!
Worked for me fantastic the Melon and the Sugarcane one
sence no one else did it i did it the amount of important stuff than normal blocks for the tree farm is 3 observers. 30 pistons, 1 glas, 21 redstone, 1 dispenser. 1 redstone comperetor, 1 lever, 1 block of dirt, 1 block of redstone, 14 redstone repeater, and one slab. there u guys go gl hf
coudent you just make the melon/pumkin farm just like the sugar cane farm design?
I am in mcpe
I built the first part but the third piston will not work. Anyone explain what I'm doing wrong and tell me how to fix pls
What? I can't hear you, even with volume cranked.
5:29 #15 burger king... cant resest
".... and number 15,"

btw I am currently working on it and I will see if it works.
earned A DISLIKE FOR it not WORKING so comment you suck
Fed X, use hoppers in a Minecraft to fix the problem with the sugar canefarm

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