3 Observer Block Farms in Minecraft

3 Observer Block Farms in Minecraft

Can you make farms like this with observer blocks but not pistons?
I don’t know how to do hopper stuff
This worked really good
I tried 2 of them 1sugar cane and 2watermelon /pumpkin, and they work yay : )
Can't u just use the sugar cane farm build for wheat melon ect?
My tree farm didn't work
To make your farm 100% efficient do not use pistons' head to destroy cane; place sticky piston with any block in front.
Does the sugarcane also work for cactus?
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Those it work for mcpe
Thx Fed! Good toot, as always, much appreciated, making some sugarcane tonight
does the tree farm work for all types of wood??
playing on 1.12.2 on pc, theres some glitch or something, the minecrart hopper stops when it reaches a hopper and you have to push it again
my minecart isnt moving back and forth
Wen I built the tree farm I had to change some of the red stone
Hi fed I’m mason like your vids
not a bad video I might use some of these design's but next time can you move your mic for the video 10 more feet closer to your face cause i turned up my pc vol and my speaker vol and still could barely hear a thing you were saying! I use the same exact set up for the pumpkins in my world like you have in this video and I dont have the issue you showed about the power line on the observer blocks and I only play on console so maybe it was a glitch in your world/server! I have tried and tried again with hopper in a minecart for that pumpkin farm set up you showed but items never go thru farmed soil for me EVER! so not sure what mod you using to make that happen/work?
u r so quiet
An observer worth nether courts,and its not a hustle? Just note that in order to get to the nether you need an obsidian portal and in order to get obsidian you need diamonds to make a diamond pick. No hate, just notifying u.

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