3 Observer Block Farms in Minecraft

3 Observer Block Farms in Minecraft

earned A DISLIKE FOR it not WORKING so comment you suck
Fed X, use hoppers in a Minecraft to fix the problem with the sugar canefarm
u need water?
5:27 burger king foot lettuce
do you know how to build a tree farm like the one in the vid but instead in 1.13??
The first one won't seem to work for me ;-;
How do I fix 13:56
Does the tree farm work om bedrock version?
finally a solution for that pumpkin/melons farm in 1.12
I have escaped this video as well.
So, built this exactly as you did... I'm on console and the build isn't firing all the pistons. On the initial 4 pistons the second down won't fire and in the part to push the trees over the second down and bottom rows won't fire. Any suggestions?
can i make this longer than 15 blocks?
You just copied my design. On the sugar Canes farm.
Does this work on mcpe
Please make the tree farm in pocket edition
The sound is so quiet...

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