3 Fatal Mistakes in Buying Land

3 Fatal Mistakes in Buying Land

You didnt say about leans and loans on the property. How would you find out?
Can anyone giving the dums down explain their opinio? Or are this the con artists that were busted?
Damn... And here I am thinking your last name was The land geek
A 10 bucks lavalier mic would have been better than that giant thing.
You just hit the tip of the iceberg on this. If you are buying remote property from, or near BLM, or other Federal, State Gov. prop be warned. There can be, and usually are certain restrictions, conditions, legal issues to consider. Operate on the assumption that there is a reason if/when that land, and property is priced “cheap”. Also know that you may lose such property at any time these mentioned entities above decide it convenient, and/or beneficial to/for “the common good” to evict you. Also consider that if there is a forestfire for example, there may be NO effort to extinguish it before it makes it’s way to “your property” if they decide it beneficial to let it burn. Unless you are part of the 1%ers, it’s very likely that nothing that you say will matter. I have personally witnessed a General of The Army CE tell high ranking Attys and other basically “sorry about your luck” when it comes to Gov. owned boundaries. Tis’ is likely the reason the vast majority of these such “cheap” properties are for sale/unsold to begin with. As with most things, a bit of common sense can go a LONG way here. They answer to almost noone. Also, make sure that you have an existing recorded right of way to any property that you buy without road frontage. Check to make sure that that right of way is not being obstructed, or infringed upon. If you can find adjacent property owner(s) at sight, or by record, talk with them to make certain that there are no disputes concerning said right of way or property boundaries. Check for ALL utility and road right of way restrictions/requirements. If it is on a waterway, or lake, etc...check those restrictions with Corp of Engineers, etc.....And by all means make certain that the “mineral rights” are still attached with the sell of proposed property. Otherwise you may have bought land that is completely inaccessable, and/or useless, or can be utilized by someone who owns the mineral rights even though the property is in your name, and is fully “paid for”. LOTS of growing scams out there. Including the fact that even with the land deed in hand, and “money” paid in full, you legally, and officially still technically “own” nothing in the U.S. (AKA “Home of of the greed”) Very much the same as there is no actual real “money” in your bank accounts. (See Thomas Jefferson quotes concerning the banks even back when there WAS actual gold, and silver coin in the banks) TODAY? Ofcourse the corruption is off the scales. Everyone is merely swapping IOU, pieces of paper, and now even more empty digital info. If you are naive, and just catching up, dig a little and you’ll quickly find this to be true. May the force be with you. You’re a sheep dealing with the most corrupt, hungry, greedy wolves. Just remember that YOU “own” NOTHING!
!Awesome Mark, yeah , I would like to know the 7 more mistakes, people make when buying property. Thank You.
#1 Not confirming if the seller even owns that property.
#2 Call planning and zoning and confirm what you want to do on that property, you can actually do.
#3 Make sure there aren't any back taxes.
Thanks for the video
I bought six acres got my own water pump, soon gonna get solar panels, and i got a tesla! I dont have to pay for water,gas,and electricity!
Gotta love this idiotic 'governance... of when, you legally buy your own property...then, some stupid local CZPC bureau.... gets to 'tell you...what, or how....you can live ...On that property. That...You Own. That...You just purchased and legally fucking Own. Disgusting. Land of the Free, my ass. this country simply has too many retarded laws, bureau's and Comittee's...attempting to govern the citizen and actually prohibit you from say...owning some land, then thinking you can put your RV on it, and live in it??..... Unreal.
you forgot about mortgages and civail judgments
Okay... first off if your are legit and have an agent representing you these things won't happen. 1. They can run a title report to check ownership. 2. they can verify zoning for you. 3. escrow won't let the title transfer hands without clearing any cloud on title. this video is useless. Just do your dilligence and you should be fine.
Thank you for that important information. Property tax is simply governmental based stealing from residents.
Are you familiar with buying undeveloped land in Nevada? I’m planning on buying next year in 2019.
naco.org, and it's www.naco.org. < this website is garbage, will not give you ANY information for ANY property. Scam, be-careful people
That naco website looks like crap, how the heck to you find anything on it. dont have anywhere to put in address, county etc. and you can just go strait to the county or city planning site and call them directly. this naco site seems like a big waste of time
Who owns naco.org?
In any real estate acquisition or investment due diligence is a must.

Now my remarks are not to discourage real estate investing for his part of the American dream however I don't want to see people make mistakes. You have to do your homework it will save you a lot of headache and at the same time self-educate you in the world of real estate investing. Now when dealing directly with an alleged owner naturally you want to find out the county in which the property is located in and check public records but don't always be governed by a deed the title is what really tells the story about the property and if you're willing to invest a few dollars to pull the title report save you a lot of grief. And in any real estate transaction no matter how small it's always good to consult with a real estate attorney. Lastly if the property happens to be in a Home Owners Association or as we say gated community find out the association what bylaws. I've seen headaches in gated communities you can't do this you can't do that has to be done on a certain day of the week Etc get the bylaws talk to Neighbors in that area get a clear picture what you walking into I hope some of this helps
Do your own due diligence. That sums it all!!
Aren't those issues you raised what the title company are supposed to do?

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