3 Fatal Mistakes in Buying Land

3 Fatal Mistakes in Buying Land

Okay... first off if your are legit and have an agent representing you these things won't happen. 1. They can run a title report to check ownership. 2. they can verify zoning for you. 3. escrow won't let the title transfer hands without clearing any cloud on title. this video is useless. Just do your dilligence and you should be fine.
Thank you for that important information. Property tax is simply governmental based stealing from residents.
Are you familiar with buying undeveloped land in Nevada? I’m planning on buying next year in 2019.
naco.org, and it's www.naco.org. < this website is garbage, will not give you ANY information for ANY property. Scam, be-careful people
That naco website looks like crap, how the heck to you find anything on it. dont have anywhere to put in address, county etc. and you can just go strait to the county or city planning site and call them directly. this naco site seems like a big waste of time
Who owns naco.org?
In any real estate acquisition or investment due diligence is a must.

Now my remarks are not to discourage real estate investing for his part of the American dream however I don't want to see people make mistakes. You have to do your homework it will save you a lot of headache and at the same time self-educate you in the world of real estate investing. Now when dealing directly with an alleged owner naturally you want to find out the county in which the property is located in and check public records but don't always be governed by a deed the title is what really tells the story about the property and if you're willing to invest a few dollars to pull the title report save you a lot of grief. And in any real estate transaction no matter how small it's always good to consult with a real estate attorney. Lastly if the property happens to be in a Home Owners Association or as we say gated community find out the association what bylaws. I've seen headaches in gated communities you can't do this you can't do that has to be done on a certain day of the week Etc get the bylaws talk to Neighbors in that area get a clear picture what you walking into I hope some of this helps
Do your own due diligence. That sums it all!!
Aren't those issues you raised what the title company are supposed to do?
This one really fits her voice!
NEVER buy property without going through a title company and escrow.  They are there to protect you!

Often times, there is an old mistake, leaving a prior owner's name attached to the property - even an owner from several sales ago.  They can take the property away from you.  The title company will discover any issues and clear them up.

The escrow department will make sure all goes smoothly regarding transfer of funds.
Thanks for the info. I wanted to buy land to build a tiny home or put a camper on there but i had no idea where to even begin
Thank you so much for such a great information
Thank you for this info .....
Any land out in the middle of nowhere should be able to do what you want at first I wanted to build a tire house but I can't figure where to do it they got put codes everywhere and it's stupid cause if your building with tires, dirt bag. Or container house it should be like ok skip codes cause it's stonger that a stick built house
I have a small vacant lot, I found a no trespassing sign and a phone number a person was cleaning the weeds he didn't know the person who Hired him the phone number belongs to the worker are they trying to steal my property ? Also have renters on other property are there ways to scam the property from me.
In Europ every thing must be done poperly. You cant sell, you cant buy if papers are not good and propertys measure and taxes paid. 40 acres you can t buy for 5000 dolars noo way. Thet is 20 ha and you need minimum 20 000 evro to buy the property. For example I live in a region of 5000 people. If I want to buy my selve 22m2 condo I need betwin 50 to 70 000 evro. So if my friends from America say its soooo expensive to live here, beter believe them. A worker in factory gets maybe 680 euro per month, thet means after 45 years gets 480 pension. If you are a worker its a law you have to pay social security, thanks God for thet. We pay no dentist, no doctors and no operations wich may cost you thausents dolars. Last month I have 337h of working plus I am a owner of few ha of property and everything is looking fine. Next year it will be 25 years of my live inshurans wich cost me 80 euro per month and I will get al the money back because I survive hahaaaaa, good investment. Believe me, lots of time for mom with two children in school was hard to pay, taxes for food 18%, for work 22% till 25%, dont forget to pay your electisity and phone because in 14 days you are in deep shit We are not rich and we are not poor, so I will never change my partly homestad with someone in America even I dont have a water surplay on 1000masl. My Subaru takes me everywhere in 1m of snow for 5 months of year hahaaaa...
Great info Mark thanks!
Take it easy, if we didn't have this "statism" system, these scams would be more prevalent, and it would be anarchy anyway. Just be careful, get help from pros if you don't know.

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