2oz Closet Grow with 150watt Light – Cannabis Grow Journal - Buds McGee

2oz Closet Grow with 150watt Light – Cannabis Grow Journal - Buds McGee

Awesome video. How was the smell during flowering?
Shoulda let your plant grow taller
Was that auto flower?
If that plant had been under the led spectrum light the cost would of been halfed and the yield would of been double I have switched over to all led lights when I'm in flower stage it's amazing bigger buds better quality and lower electric bills ...I'm not trying to sell or promote nothing just want my fellow growers to know and find out other opinions. ..btw that plant was great just wish you had topped and trained it out with a scrog would of been amazing
ive made better result only with LED and a smaller place lol
Sweet plant
Never go full retard.
No joke in all seriousness I almost cried this plant was so nice I hope my purple kush that I just started can be half as good but I'm running 400 watts so I should get a decent grow
Bag seeds FTW!
2 DAY PRIORITY MAIL! Top of the line strains.
I buy my seeds from www. Nukeheads. Com
any video on final product. would love to see if possible. great video
How much did you spend on electricity?
great video, im about to start my first grow
I love that you showed everyone how successful you can be growing in small places. If you get a moment check out my little Chemdog I'm growing. She's only 21 inches tall but I'm hoping to yield 4oz
I don't care what nobody say 2 Oz is awesome good job brother
That looks good. I like how you kept the color nice and healthy. You probably could have yielded two more out of that setup. nice.
Did you use the trim, leaf, and shake for anything? You can make some pretty okay tincture or butter if you grind the plant matter very fine.

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