22 Day Lettuce Time Lapse by Indoor Harvest

22 Day Lettuce Time Lapse by Indoor Harvest

Any advice that could be gained here was "contrasted" out😐😐caused me to adjust my phones brightness, squinted, held the phone to my face, changing angles, hoping it would get better.. But it never did 😔😔
what type of lettuce ? and what brand the seeds ? thanks
Very basic net pot question here. I notice a black foam disk at the top of the netcup. Is that something you painted yourself or where can I find that material to make some for mine as algae and white mold are a persistent problem for my setup.
Any idea what contributed to the few seedling deaths in this time-lapse?
why do you shut the lights off ??
how did you do that?
22 days??
Thank goodness, I've never grown lettuce before and I thought mine were all dieing, but it would seem they're supposed to lie down lol
wow only 22 days thats fast
doesnt appear to be any water changes done, is it safe to assume that this is a kratky setup?
laboratory food
This is excellent! Can you tell m e what type of lighting you used and how often you watered?
Even if I could read the CO2 meter, I wouldn't know what this meant.
Turned on the light for 24 hour?
I thought for lettuce only goes to 14hour max per day?
bad and terrible song
Anybody uses indoor growing for some uses not to plant cannabis?
time to make 22 sets of 30 22 day lettice pods
What type of lights are you using? They were flashing so looks like digital or HPS?
Seeds has got to be one of God's most amazing creations!  Just a wonder to watch them form into food, flowers, etc.  God is good!  Thanks for posting the video.
what is the type of water are you using?
how bout the soil?
tell us about it

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