Clark Harris Womens Jersey  2018-2019 Forecast: Where Crop Yields will Decline Globally (591)

2018-2019 Forecast: Where Crop Yields will Decline Globally (591)

you people are a bunch of weenies....Here in AZ it gets 99 during the day and 50 to 60 at night normal...this is one way of culling out the population of idiots....learn some skills, grow your own food,,,,,,if your area floods...grow rice, just grow the plants that will survive in the new a man and quit whinning...
Every winter weather prediction I have seen for the PNW growing region has it much warmer with average precipitation but so far its been below average temps (except one week mid december) and slightly above average precipitation. Winter Wheat struggling!!!
Uk food oct 2018 kiwi size of grapes
The Zombie, Vampire, Werewolf movies was our Lord making fun of humanity, sarcastically. All the previous, are the living dead. He is reminding us of how DEAD our hearts are. If you remember, the Ten Commandments were put on stone tablets. The stone was representative of their hearts and how they could not hear the the Ten Commandments within them. Additionally, Christ crucified was put in a tomb hewed out of rock. Christ is to reside within your heart. Read Matthew 13:14-15...
Isaiah’s prophecy is fulfilled in them, which says:
‘You shall indeed hear but not understand,
you shall indeed look but never see.
Gross is the heart of this people,
they will hardly hear with their ears,
they have closed their eyes,
lest they see with their eyes
and hear with their ears
and understand with their heart and be converted,
and I heal them.’ [Mt 13:14-15]

All the natural disasters and deaths should bother us greatly. If it just like reading a sports article with facts and you can not reflect on it like one of your loves has died. You are the dead. I am the dead but I have been sight to see it.

Readme on the twit....@EyeKnowMoore. If you go there, make sure you click the orange diagram (image) under the "Photos and videos" category in the left upper portion of the screen. What is to come can not be stopped. Become Catholic and pray the Holy Rosary. Few that try for heaven make it, or the reverse of Luke 13:24. Peace.

Chaos reigns when few have our Lord truly reigning in their hearts. Think of abortion. Recompense is coming, especially for America.
I am glad someone is looking at this.
I predict it will get dark tonight but don't panic it will moderate to severe lightness by morning.
I guess we will have to take the corn out of our gas tanks.
Zombie apocalypse is talking about people who are not using their own will, obeying the will of the corrupt
Map at 7:32 shows a conjoined VT/NH
I live in Michigan and it's cold as Hell l!!!!
🕉🕉 Thank You David DuByne 🕉🕉
The proponents of "grand solar minimum" never mention that the CO2 content now in the atmosphere is much higher than it was during last ice age -- 11,000 years ago. In fact, there hasn't been so much CO2 in the atmosphere for over 800,000 years! Also, you never mention the 6th mass extinction event which is happening at this moment.
Saids like harrp is hard at work , seems strange that the parts that grows food are the areas hurting , i think it is the globalist agenda
You are correct, correct, correct. That is why I said America needs go get along with others, to feed their population. Americans have to be encouraged to grow more food and have clean water. Or else Mad Max thunder dome.
I think there is a huge difference between the starving and the dead. Zombies are still sci fi. Starvation is real and is truly an epidemic.
It's all down to geoengerneering by NWO scum!! Their plan is starve the population into submission and starvation!! That's why they they invaded Europe with immigrants!! More people less food! Civil war will follow! Marshall law will be brought in!! Fighting in the street's will follow!! Military will slaughter civilians!! It's all been planned for decade's!! It started with 9/11 !! NWO disabled middle East for mass immigration into Europe!!
The Nemesis System is here!
The 4 Horses of Rev. 6:5-6 occurred 8/31/2018 (Bible predicted barley and wheat shortage)

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