2010: Willie Nelson talks smoking pot

2010: Willie Nelson talks smoking pot

"So you...Have pot in you....right now?" stupid question when you are talking to willie fucking nelson.
Stronger stuff???
While Larry is speaking of chemical drugs, no doubt, there are all kinds of grades, relating to the degree THC levels of content. Wonder what kind ol Willie prefers? Panama Red, Columbian Gold, Sinsemilla?
P.S. I do NOT smoke the stuff, prefer it to be legal only for medical and psychological Rx purposes.
As much as I may like his music I dislike his thoughts about the use of marijuana. It has been proven in Europe by different doctors that the use of marijuana can cause schizophrenia which only makes the pharma industry, psychologist and psychiatrists richer and richer while the treatments can have also very serious side effects. How many of Willie' s friends have purchased stock on schizophrenia medications? he probably doesn't even want to know.. which happens to many addicts. Prevention is always better than having to cure... because in most cases today, cure does not profit... so there is always treatment.
willie, like so many of us is vaporizing pot now.  no smoke.  just like ecigs.  it works.
Medicated chocolate is better for your lungs ;-)
Anything with heat and smoke please be CAREFUL AND BE OVER 21
80 years old. love you willie
We love you Willie - looks like pot has done you well. Happy B-day - April 29 - 80 years old and looks great....
He acts like that's so edgy.
I know right. Dude, it's Willie Nelson, how is that surprising?
I think it's time for you to look up the difference between 'their', 'they're' and 'there.'
I can't say the same as you, but... I have been doing 'other" things I was told were bad and I still haven't grown hair in the palms of my hands or gone blind.
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which Fed agency you hooked up with douchebag? Grow a fucking brain
na dude that whole memory loss only happens while you are high and you have to be incredibly stoned. you forget a lot more shit when you are hammered, and the man tits only grow on those lazy dudes who just sit on the couch eating shit from sunrise til sunset
I live in California, just got one of them cards. I smoke now often. I love it. My body vibrates and all pain goes away. A better medicine than what the Dr. gives.
i love willie
I haven't smoked any pot, and can't remember what I had for breakfast.
Puhleez..."man boobs" appear indirectly - pot>munchies>weight gain>man boobs. Pot is not responsible; failure to manage one's weight is. Time for me to roast a bowl as I have for 3 decades (and without man boobs, btw).
I don't understand what you are arguing about or even for

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