1866 Indian Treaties - Dr. Claud Anderson - FightForReparations.com

1866 Indian Treaties - Dr. Claud Anderson - FightForReparations.com

here are some good reads for you all a song they use to sing about black Indians. calling them indian coons. https://library.duke.edu/rubenstein/scriptorium/sheetmusic/b/b05/b0508/b0508-1-72dpi.html

book describing the Americas before colonization Dutch unchanged version. https://www.wdl.org/en/item/518/view/1/172/ (pages of import ants in dutch version: pg115, 149, 162, 169, 172, 252, 299, 343, 348, 383, 523, 537 593)

this is the american english version but many images were changed and edited to take out many of the black american looking ones with afro's.. so look through the dutch one to see the true images and the american english one to understand what they are saying, but keep in mind much of the wording was changed up as well.. https://archive.org/details/America00Ogil

also keep in mind back then they used the long S which is ( f or ∫" ) to even cause more confusion for readers learning to read in those days. English was the main use of tricking the indigenous people with one meaning but it totally means something else. they tricked them out of their lands by "forked tongue". Most white folks during the old day spoke in "Forked Tongue". https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rx70Z8gFfe4
too many flaws in this mans story. Won't hold up in court.
We are the aboriginal nation's and people's of this land not the northern Mongoloid Asiatic tribe's who arrived only 13,000 years prior after the last ice age i.e. (Clovis People's). They all know who most of us really are and know that we were here long before the African slave trade. The colonial European white supremacist fake $5 dollar Indian is the most tragic switch and bait smoke and mirrors scheme ever played on history.
100% true facts.
So pretty much tomato natives sold there own out and white ppl were allowed to become Indians for $5
This guy is monkey sh** no reservation is better liveng there is no reparations. He claims all "white" appearng people are five dollar indians untrue He never speaks of the how indigenous Woman were forced into relation with albions even after their nation was conquered. He attempts to seperate the so called " indian " and " black " thing but they are the same people
All is very true. I am doing my family tree and the owners of my people were the Chickasaw and my great great great grand father was given 320 acres by the Chickasaw and Choctaw nations in 1910. Just saw it on Oklahoma county website.
Dr Claud Anderson
Black Indians
Either Mr. Anderson is misinformed or not telling the truth the so called black man are the Aboriginal Americans
That were here when the Europeans came here google aboriginals American. Those so called mongoloids came from Mongolia and worked with the Europeans to kill and enslave us the Aboriginal American. As for reparations Mr. Anderson the 14th amendment section five tells you slaves aren't getting reparations.
What about John horse???????
I wonder has Dr.Claud Anderson contacted Maxine Waters about Bringing prosperity to the masses of black people.Or is Congresswoman Maxine Waters spending all her time criticizing President Donald Trump.
black supremacists
Susan Macintosh and Lula Macintosh Walcott are my great great and great grand mother with dawes roll numbers of 232 and 233. Lula Walcott Butler lost a land case that went to the supreme court in 1916. The property she owned produced oil but those funds went to the creek nation.
I love dr claude but your talking five tribes out out over 1,000 originally
What's the platform? Lets do this. I'm on the committee. Live free!

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