1866 Indian Treaties - Dr. Claud Anderson - FightForReparations.com

1866 Indian Treaties - Dr. Claud Anderson - FightForReparations.com

We are them so are 2nd or 3rd messed up then thanks family🤔🤨😒
Also courts don't accept blood either so wouldn't that throw out that rule or make everyone recertify for that rule.
One drop rule, but they never used that rule for themselves.
No treaty has ever lasted.
Treaties are just a way to "legitimize" for the moment injustices.
Thats why we don’t a knowledge those 5 tribes, those Tribes are meaner than a rattle snake, we do have our African Americans back, always did, always will
Upon further research, I have seen "Indian" tribes as early as the 1620s war on each other to capture slaves. They either signed a treaty and became a friendly, or a hostile if they didn't. So dark skin Indians(aboriginals) easily passed as African slaves.
no sound
You have to look back at the 1763 Royal Proclamation Line Treaty to understand the warfare the native tribes have been under. In 1715 the Indians of The Carolinas sen diplomats of the muscogee speaking tribes of Mississippi and Louisiana seeking warriors for a war against slavery in Charleston South Carolina. From that date there where a series of wars and battles unification of natives and Africans who had been slaves and freed both. If you look at the Louisiana Creole Tribes you find the Seminole, Creek, Muscogee, Choctaw, Houma, bayougualas, Avoyels, Caddo, Cherokee, Miami, Apache, Taensa, Karankawa, Yatasi, Yazoo, Atakapa-Ishak, Annishabe and many others who where black or Houma skin coloured. You must understand these wars in conjunction with Tsun Tzu and you will see how the British Empire broke the backs of the tribes and began culturally assimilation. You will see how many natives where brainwashed to think they where Africans or many other mixed African or mixed white breed. The mixed African native was solely taught African ancestry and denied all sovereignty. The mixed white native maybe denied sovereignty if coming from any of the Creole tribes hence being the British or the founders of Americas arch enemies. You may also be denied for being a plaqamine or mixed white mullato Creole that can pass for white but the government knows your Creole black Indian and Indian/African ancestry. See it’s a game. When you see how the pro-British tribes have been dealt with vs the tribes that allied with the Spanish or French or where initially colonized by them thus speaking their languages French and Spanish.
black people were the Indians. stop lying
the native Americans were black people. wtfu
Rock Newman is shocked that a black man is talking about Indians that way
Check this blog: https://www.facebook.com/mikesteinauthor/
But there were basically two sets of so-called Indians, the Mongolians and black aboriginals who were both enslaved.
Tariq Nasheed did a video called Pretendians which said the same thing Dr Anderson said about some make believing they are Indians.
We (black folks) are the REAL Indians!!! The white Indians are the cultural vultures from mixed breeding with whites! This is the same thing white colonizers did in South America to create their mutts to do their dirty work and divide the black/aboriginal people across North and South America! Same strategy different location! Wake up!!!
too many flaws in this mans story. Won't hold up in court.
We are the aboriginal nation's and people's of this land not the northern Mongoloid Asiatic tribe's who arrived only 13,000 years prior after the last ice age i.e. (Clovis People's). They all know who most of us really are and know that we were here long before the African slave trade. The colonial European white supremacist fake $5 dollar Indian is the most tragic switch and bait smoke and mirrors scheme ever played on history.
100% true facts.
So pretty much tomato natives sold there own out and white ppl were allowed to become Indians for $5
This guy is monkey sh** no reservation is better liveng there is no reparations. He claims all "white" appearng people are five dollar indians untrue He never speaks of the how indigenous Woman were forced into relation with albions even after their nation was conquered. He attempts to seperate the so called " indian " and " black " thing but they are the same people

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