1866 Indian Treaties - Dr. Claud Anderson - FightForReparations.com

1866 Indian Treaties - Dr. Claud Anderson - FightForReparations.com

Dr Claud Anderson
Black Indians
Indians had slaves incredible
Either Mr. Anderson is misinformed or not telling the truth the so called black man are the Aboriginal Americans
That were here when the Europeans came here google aboriginals American. Those so called mongoloids came from Mongolia and worked with the Europeans to kill and enslave us the Aboriginal American. As for reparations Mr. Anderson the 14th amendment section five tells you slaves aren't getting reparations.
What about John horse???????
I wonder has Dr.Claud Anderson contacted Maxine Waters about Bringing prosperity to the masses of black people.Or is Congresswoman Maxine Waters spending all her time criticizing President Donald Trump.
black supremacists
Susan Macintosh and Lula Macintosh Walcott are my great great and great grand mother with dawes roll numbers of 232 and 233. Lula Walcott Butler lost a land case that went to the supreme court in 1916. The property she owned produced oil but those funds went to the creek nation.
I love dr claude but your talking five tribes out out over 1,000 originally
What's the platform? Lets do this. I'm on the committee. Live free!

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