Clark Harris Womens Jersey  16ft automatic driveway gate for $300

16ft automatic driveway gate for $300

1:00 Holy sh*t, that's a dog!? I thought it was a cow!!
Great job except the 75% discount on the opener is what's making this look so good. And that discount rarely occurs.
Regular price is the cost of this entire project.
Nice job, I know it was a while ago.
But thank you it helps.
I like your miniature pony....:)
These gate openers are all a couple hundred bucks. Any idea on part or mode number?
first 3 minutes....installing a tube gate....... struggling
You’ve got a good son there, sir 💕 thanks for the idea on the gate. I’m going to attempt something similar.
Nicely done.
Sir there is a cow on your driveway!
Is this in taxes
waiting on that slow gate ill be painful.
A superb gate and having a motorized mechanism is the cherry on the top. However, I would never have used a PT wood standard to hold the gate. Then you double down by also mistakenly setting it in what looks like dry powder concrete that you just add water to. I hope it doesn't rain a drop where you live. The wood would rot out in about 5 (or fewer) years if it's wet where you live. The obvious weak points are the wood standard and not setting it in compacted #6 limestone stones. Any truck could blow right through that gate. The gate is beautiful no doubt but the wood makes it look ugly. Maybe you should paint it candy stripes. What you should've done is to use steel posts with welded on hinges and lock points. Besides, with all the open points between the bushes, any bad actors will just drive (or just walk!) through the open points berween the bushes. What was the necessity of your gate? Was it to keep bothersome people out or was it truly for security?
Were you on a six pack of 5 hour energy bottles, having washed down a handfull of pseudofed with a liter of Mountain Dew? You can work for me anyday. Just be a little slower with your wife/significant other.

Seriously though, a subcontractor who works in the field of building decks said that unless you want to re-do the difficult process of replacing load bearing vertical PT 6x6's, especially with large decks you never, ever bury the post in the ground, even surrounded with #6 crushed limestone fill around it. It'll disintegrate much faster if you do. When I was relandscsping my parents grounds I used surplus creosote impregnated railroad ties (10X10 I believe) for the bedding walls of a very large garden. First of all, a normal circular saw with carbide steel tipped blades wont cut them. The chainsaw I resorted to took about 5 minutes of cutting, stopping to rest, then going back to cutting. Just the one tie, above ground but in contact with the dirt, started seriously disintegrating 3 years after I put it in.

The contractor said you should always use a robust, round concrete circular rebar reinforced pile poured on site surronded by #6 limestone rock fill (not the #6 crusher run rock plus dust used to make a private road) well below the frost line. Well above ground level, a heavy duty foot is inserted via vertical rebar (and yes, there are rebar of various materials) deep into the concrete piling. In this case, with a heavy duty circular steel pole gate of great weight hanging out and constantly torgueing the support set into the concrete it might do one well to have a welder fabricate a heavy duty foot wider than the vertical steel gate support, with a lower flat steel support (eg. 12 inches deep) set into the concrete connected by #8 bolts to the upper plate which is at the top of the concrete piling. It might sound like over building but my father was a mechanical engineer who impressed on me the wisdom of realizing the forces exerted on a structure on a daily basis times the number of years you want it to last. Then multiply what construction is required to meet those forces and factor in another 25% in material strength. I've done a number of complicated projects and never had any fail. In fact, some neighbors have complimented me on my builds.
That mini cow is very cute
Mighty Mule won’t last.
Very impressed that you've taught your son a good work ethic. Now you should teach him a good lesson in economics and practicality. Put a REAL operator on your gate, not that mightless mutt garbage.
That kid is the "man"!
Great job young fellow.

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