13 Years Living Off the Land - Man Shares REAL Homestead Experience

13 Years Living Off the Land - Man Shares REAL Homestead Experience

Good on this guy for doing what I've dreamed of for years. But I think you could probably cut expenses when you look at a few primitive technology videos though.
[1:30] Have the foresight to have a guaranteed way to sell the product.
213 don't likes.
I would like this video.
Just wonder.
Why does everything have to be done on such a large scale? Why can't he produce enough for his own food, shelter and water needs and leave it at that? I am not buying the big scale approach to this. Now that he has a functioning house, and gardens in place, why can't he scale down and grow food for his own needs. The only expense would be time. I pick berries from my backyard and the only expense is time. Now I understand I might not live on berries, but you get the idea. He has a house. With a water solution, he is set. What am I missing here? This guy still seems rooted in the approach that you need money to survive. Money is an illusion. You need time, energy, resources, possibly networking. But money is not needed. If you really want to be free people, stop thinking about money, and more about solving problems.
Overall an honest piece that shows the struggles involved in homesteading. Peter is clearly disillusioned, and it is not for everyone. We are in the throes of making a similar change to an off-grid lifestyle and we weighing each decision we make as we plan, giving each idea time to simmer so we can be sure it fits our future reality and not merely our passion. Nice!
You have a job and homestead as an avocation and a retirement home.
Now, this is REAL!
Very nice, looking good
why not get some kids going bud to explore and learn about your world, and breath life every day in to a well rounded man, such as yourself;)
Have you got an email? Also, do you think it's possible to live without ££ off grid?
Another American Scandinavian
Typical hippie hypocrite, wants to have no carbon footprint but wants to fly around the world and travel, now he's miserable because he didn't
p.s. a real homestead your supposed to have a large family to work the land and a tight knit community to help with literally everything
stay the course
Nice place and lifestyle, so peaceful. I can probably do the same and build a cottage in my farm but local folks nearby will put me in the poor house in the end. They want everything free!
Mad respect
Awesome man
those without honor or kindness are just fooling themselves ! the rest see you for what you are.
The most honest and well balanced presentation I have seen..
AHHHHH The human being the many different sizes shapes and colors will there ever be a one size fits all
love his honesty!

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