13 Years Living Off the Land - Man Shares REAL Homestead Experience

13 Years Living Off the Land - Man Shares REAL Homestead Experience

Doesn't take money to clean the place up.
Good real story, love it.
I feel ya, another idealist, who turned into a realist...
and realists are often pretty negative...
I've dream what you do.now.hope in the future I'll have my own.feel fullfeel eat what you plant by your self
Love what you do.thats call real life.its good if many men can do the same you do
The liberal speak sounds so darned silly...
Dude is a realist. Awesome
It is cheap actually
I like this already
Love his cabin
This is such a fascinating video. Very honest and real. Thank you for this!
I really think the temperate climate of this country make homesteading challenging.
Eye opening
An idealistic 22 year old who wanted to save the world and be self sufficient? Hmm.
Making a living is always challenging. If he needs more then one source of income to be comfortable or simply to save a little then something is not working. He should be fine with just his nursery might be the market where he is, might be not enough know about his trees etc. not everyone is good at getting the word out there and getting many buyers, myself know I'm really bad at that, hence why I dont want my tiny homestead to be my main income, just my food source.
You got it al wrong
I wonder how different (financially/daily work hours allocated) his life would be in this video having started and established a food forest 13 years ago. Hopefully in applying permaculture practices he can free up his time, make more money and feel less trapped. Knowledge is power.

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