13 Years Living Off the Land - Man Shares REAL Homestead Experience

13 Years Living Off the Land - Man Shares REAL Homestead Experience

Good reality check for all the dreamers out there.
Love the insight into the deeper realities this type of lifestyle both affords and requests...and think, this is in the Summer. I want one of these videos to show the qualms and perils that come with dealing with the Canadian Winter...
Land of opportunity.
Very inspirational love this kind of content
what a positive and realistic attitude!
2:16 👌
I see what’s behind those solar panels 🤪
This guy says he feels trapped. The problem is HIM. His thinking is negative. And his MENTAL dependency on money is why he is trapped. When he learns to use his resources (AND HE HAS MANY), then he can come out of his entrapment, WHICH HE PUT HIMSELF INTO.
is that a pot plant behind the solar pannel at 6:11
You should create an e-course on raising trees or on homesteading. I'm sure it would sell. There's another source of income..
Very honest. Thank you.
Finally someone honest. Most vids from people in the homestead/tinyhome/off-grid etc. life, are usually young and rich kids or rich people trying to romanticize the whole thing.
This makes me so SAD..😢😢😢
do you have you tube channel. I want to learn about living off grid.
I love his story and he's a hottie. I plan to one day purchase some land myself and try to live off of and on the land I purchase as well. Best wishes to him and to the Exploring Alternatives crew filming this!
I like your video. You actually live off the grid. Not I live off the grid and go to town for groceries. Other off grid crap on you tube is BS. I love perinals. Can I order a berry bush and have it shipped to Kansas?
This is amazing! I envy you and that's a dream of mine I never think will come true. Amazing! What it's that sprayer your using at 1:20? I start plants in pots indoors and that thing looked like it works great without messing up the dirt. Thanks
i think he lives near me on Vancouver island any way I can find out about hiss nursery I might want to buy some of his fruit trees

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