11 Minecraft Farm Designs!

11 Minecraft Farm Designs!

The farm with the new fence design is gorgeous!!! I just got through building it as the entry to my house and it looks amazing!! Thank you!
The last one farm:
You should make in in a dark place becouse i will instant grow and drop.
"We should farm carrots potatos weeds!?"
funniest grain quote-2:30
Did you say iron fence?!?!
I'd say that the third design was maybe for a jungle villige situstion.
xd i just use dirt water and fences
its possible to build fullauto farms where you only need to clear the chest if she is full
"I have an idear"
Does the desert design count as a 'crop circle'?
I like The Tunnel, The GreenHouse, The TreeFarm, and With A windmill!
You God
Door disine
4:48 a swamp!
Im love the disign of green house
"Dystopian" more like solarpunk
Is it me or does it sound like Grians shouting a bit?
That desert one is GORGEOUS
but the fence CROPPED up?? Hmmmmmm

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