11 Minecraft Farm Designs!

11 Minecraft Farm Designs!

Trapdoors are my forté. I can make trapdoors work in almost anything
The desert farm is “The Hanging Garden of Babylon” :D
Lol you used the word Dystopia wrong. You mean utopian
6:35 crop pun is fantastic
For design 3 you should use it as a flower farm, have a skeletpn spawner beneath for bonemeal, and whenever you need flowers you can walk into the building and bonemeal for however much you need, kinda like cutting flowers, could even automate the skeleton spawner with wolves and a bone filter which links to a dispenser tower going up, nice.
I have weed on my roof :)
The farm in the tubes reminds me of the hobbits...
what about i build a massive grian statue and put farms inside? like 50x100x1000
The glass tube/wood one? I think I would call the design 'gnomish'. A great descriptive set piece for a gnome village.
No its a grian house
this video helped me out a ton. your`e awesome!!!
The one from 3:59 to 4:54
I know what I could use that for, but I'm having a hard time figuring out how to build parts of it from just looking ;n;
Grian? More like GRAIN!!
That Oasis design is simply brilliant. I may use that design in my Let's Play series thanks Grian! :D
Why do u use the “Alex” build for your character
Grian thanks I’m a rookie at building so keep up the get work
I don't have wifi at my house, so for the past two years or so I've been playing minecraft without anything after and including the horse update, I'd love to see you build a house with the limitations of that ancient era.
4:48 it looks like something that would be in The Hobbits movie
:O grian.. I had quit Minecraft a year or so ago. Watching your videos have inspired me... to go back.

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