11 Minecraft Farm Designs!

11 Minecraft Farm Designs!

Late idea: the "tubes" kind of look like a fantasy style build in a future where we still build in a "historic" way. In hermitcraft you could use it for a side base in the fantasy section, if you ever do that
/this sort of cropped up/
I thought the tube farm looked like a futuristic apocalyptic kinda farm
Others: Wheat is a good source of food!

Grian: Wheat is a great roof!

you should do a step by step build
@2:19 It's clearly a "Grian-House" :D :D
How to make blocks like apples?
2:22 that green house reminds of this greenhouse I was at in Iceland it is a restaurant to where all the food is something with tomatoes (the green house grew tomatoes)they even had tomato ice cream they had the bees that don’t have stingers just flying around the pollinated the tomato plants.pretty cool stuff.
Mojang is missing out by not hiring him.
ugh can you just shut up and teach us how to make those???
Why you don’t make the first one in Hermicraft just a bigger version?
Farms for mumbo
Grian - god, thinks its easy to build houses.

us - babies, making blocks out of pile of poop
The second one is ... Normal?

Wow Grian has a strange idea of normal.
Use shaders
I liked the 2nd too :)
The Green House and the Parrot House from the Pet Houses videos were so useful Grian! Thank you so much for the inspiration! <3
“Chuube.” 4:00

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Agro Space

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