11 Minecraft Farm Designs!

11 Minecraft Farm Designs!

2:17 no pun intended -__-
360p gang
Can you make a fishing huts
The shulker box just appered and I got concerned
9:03 Hagrid's Hut!!
If you swap the stone in the first garden for quartz and other clean white blocks, it can look like a futuristic "minimal space" garden, something for that futuristic society where ground level space has been almost entirely used up so things are built upwards.
Day three of trying to make the second tree, the water just ran out.
That stacked circle garden would do well for a tree house style village
Oh my god I'm gonna use that hanging garden of Babylon idea for my dessert home!!
i need download this map. Plz give me link download. PZZ
You could farm the wheat if they wanted too thought
Green House? More like grian house
Tip for people with no access of custom heads use an item frame with a red block inside and vines on the same block :)
Edit: you can just use apples
3:48 I’m so confused with what that has to do with anything lol
Can you um.. show us how you do those trees... BC THOSE ARE NOT SIMPLE
No 2 is the best

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Agro Space

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