1 week old baby guinea pigs popcorning

1 week old baby guinea pigs popcorning

I can't believe your letting them shit and piss on the carpet worthless creatures can't be house trained
Hi where did you get the play pen cage sides from?
One of my guinea pigs gave birth to a baby guinea pig! My sister named it Lulu! The name of the guinea pig that gave birth to it was buttercup.
Sorry but what self respecting human let's them shit and piss straight on the carpet. Get a blanket at least fuck sakes
My 2 boars (that happily live together) are both almost 3 years old and still popcorn like piglets when their exited.
damn that jump though
They sound like they’re giggling OMG
Sweet babies missed there mummie
I have a hamster but not guinea pigs 😊
haha that one looks like buffalo
Why would you have them in your house? I dont think thats sanitary.
are you frekin eating chips in the backround?
Music to my ears. Lost both my piggies.
I thought he flew 0:25
I really wanted to see the big one go through the toilet paper roll. 😃
OH MY GOD ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
whaaaaaaat I had no idea they could jump lol I was so surprised. So cute. I need a freakin guinea pig in my life
Hey at least you recorded it horizontally.

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